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Medical display monitor

When Clarity Matters Most.

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The medical operating room is an environment where FSN’s products truly are important pieces of technology.  In the OR, it is critical to have a display that is correctly calibrated, easy to adjust, and built to withstand the rigors of hospital or clinical use.

Inside each FSN display is technology that has the medical user in mind. We have the ability to clamp down the visible color spectrum, ensuring that doctors see exactly what they expect to see. Distinct color space settings in our monitors have been calibrated to well-known surgical color preferences.

The outside of each FSN display is just as impressive, with aluminum enclosures that stand up to the OR’s continuous adjustments and repeated cleanings.  Each monitor’s back cover has a pattern of mounting holes conforming to VESA industrial standards, making the connection to a boom arm or custom yoke an easy task.

Fiber optic DVI DSI S-Video

Connecting the Medical Display Monitor via Fiber Optic DVI.

Foreseeson, along with our sister company, OPHIT, offers stand alone high-quality fiber optic products. Combine fiber optic interface connections from OPHIT with Foreseeson high definition medical grade monitors and you have a complete medical display system solution.

Our DDL/DSL Series DVI extender allows you to place your display up to 1000 meters (3,260 ft) from a signal source, such as a camera. High speed and long distance transmissions through multi-mode fiber optics have an industry standard DVI to LC or SC type fiber connector. OPHIT DVI to fiber converters offer self-detecting EDID. They are HD compatible to a maximum resolution of 1920x1200 (WUXGA), and are EMC compliant for medical applications.

Fiber optic connections

We Have The Connections You Need.

Foreseeson medical displays are equipped with a wide range of HD and SD inputs. Our displays accept video outputs from the most current medical equipment offered today, including connections for high speed fiber optic video.

Multiple Display Modes Required?

FSN medical monitors incorporate multiple display mode capabilities, including adjustable PIP (Picture-in-Picture) and PBP (Picture- by-Picture). These features allow both live video and PACS images to be displayed simultaneously for a more comprehensive coverage of the surgical procedure.

Combined with Pan, Zoom, Freeze, and GPIO functionality, Foreseeson medical monitors are optimized for a variety of surgical and general procedures.

Durable and Mountable Enclosures.

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Aluminum IPX1 enclosures are light weight and durable. The AR (anti-reflection) glass or acrylic anti-scratch protective screen integrated into FSN monitors withstand harsh environments and frequent cleaning. The sealed membrane OSD keys (On Screen Display) ensure trouble free OSD navigation.

On screen display controls