LCD Monitor Line

HD Monitors Designed for Medical Needs

Foreseeson HD monitors have been performing in medical operating rooms for years. We listen to the needs of professionals who use our products, and provide surgical displays with the latest technological advances. Although space is limited in an OR, quality cannot be compromised. From our 19” on up to our 55” medical monitor, Foreseeson offers the same functionality and reliability. All major inputs (DVI, VGA, Component, Composite, S-video, SOG, HDSDI and fiber) are available to ensure compatibility with medical imaging equipment. Also, Foreseeson medical monitors are perfectly designed for cart or boom arm mounting.

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Digital Information Displays

We customize video displays to meet a variety of digital signage applications. Foreseeson’s custom open-frame and enclosed monitors are ideal for use in kiosk applications where long-term, year-round reliability is essential under both indoor and outdoor conditions. Other application include: ticketing, order entry, check-in, gaming & redemption, payment, directories, information and marketing, security, digital signage, public information, teleconferencing, and more.